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10 Tips about Carpet Installation

Carpet installation may seem to be an easy task but actually this is not the case. If it would be so simple then there is no question of contacting a professional in Orange County California. It is quite challenging task but if you want to do it yourself, you must follow some tips and tricks to install the carpet.
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1-    Completion of remodeling projects:

Be sure that you have completed all the remodeling at the place where you have to install the carpet; for example painting, wall papering and lighting etc.

2-    Removing breakable items from the room:

Remove all the breakable items from the room before installation of the carpet. Detach and store the wiring from stereos, DVD, computer and TV.

3-    Vacuum the previous carpet:

Before placing the new carpet it is suggested to vacuum the old one to avoid the possibility of airborne dirt and dust. You have to clean the floor as well before you start installation. Make this step very keenly to avoid any ugliness in the installation.

4-    Fully equipped tool box:

Now start laying your new carpet and first step is to check your tool box either it is fully equipped or not. In California you should sure that your tool box is equipped with the following tools:

  • A pair of scissors
  • A sharp Stanley knife
  • A measuring tape and pencil
  • A roller and a ruler

5-    Take proper measurements:

Always pay more attention while taking size of difficult areas especially when you are installing carpet in an older home of California as they don’t possess concealed radiator pipes. After lying the carpet cut off the additional piece of carpet.

6-    Preparing the floor:

The floor should be completely dry, clean and flat. If the installation is to make on the wooden floor, first lay chipboard. If you have a concrete floor, fill up all the cracks and holes.

7-    Allow some time to adjust the carpet:

After positioning the carpet, give it some time to adjust properly. Remember! Spread the carpet out as well as press it firmly along the walls.

8-    Adopting proper methods:

Depending on the size of room, floor surface and the kind of the carpet, different laying methods can be chosen like:

  • If you are laying the carpet in a small size room, choose double sided tape.
  • Solvent free adhesive with no volatile organic compounds can also be opted with certain health concerns.
  • The best method that ensures the perfect installation in California is to use the stretching strips.

9-    Lay all the piece of carpet in the same direction:

It is very important to lay all the carpet strips in the same direction. If the strips are happened to adjust in different directions, at the end you will have the carpet of different shades.

10-The last thing to do:

At the end it is your duty to provide proper supply of fresh air in the room. Open doors and windows and turn on exhaust fan. The odor of new carpet will be cleared very quickly.